Intro to Google

Unit 1 - All Things Google

This class is designed to be an intro to all things Google and resources that will help you in school and beyond.  All of the tools will be online so they can be accessed with a chromebook or really anything with a browser.

We'll start every day with a few minutes of typing, then be introduced to the major Google products.

Depending on your experience, we'll go through Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Sites, Gmail, Keep, Calendar, Chrome, and Classroom at a pace that keeps us interested.  Hopefully you've used many of these before, but I'm also hoping to introduce you new tools that can help you throughout school and life.

Unit 2 - Better with Google

After we go through the major Google apps, we'll look at other sites for content creation.  We'll cover many apps relating to digital art (PixilArt and Sketchpad), music creating (Splice and Bandlab), and video editing (ClipChamp).  We'll also look at resources for free stock images/videos, fonts, and helpful color tools for our other projects.  

Unit 3 - Personal Project

With any extra time of the semester, you'll pick a site we've learned over the semester and do a deep dive project into it.  Some may prefer to do a longer video editing project, while others may prefer to try more pixel art, even trying animating.  You may also choose to try 3D modeling or coding.