I bought my first digital camera in 2004 and have sold on photography ever since.  I upgraded a couple times and finally to a DSLR in 2011.  I started taking senior and family photos, branching out to weddings soon after.  

I've continued to take photos wherever I'm at and however I can help.  Even with cell phone cameras getting better and better, nothing beats a quality camera with a good person behind it.


You can find my work on my Facebook page.  I'm not always the best posting there (especially when it comes to client privacy) but I try to get new photos there every so often.  I've also been volunteering at my church, trying to keep a good stash of photos available for their website or social media. A lot (but not all) of the photos there are mine.   

Packages & Prices

Since photography isn't my main job, I tend to not be as strict with my time or images as other photographers are.  I give my clients full resolution digital photos of whatever I feel is worth sharing.  I mostly charge for my shooting and editing time, making the most of what time we have when we're shooting.  If you have any questions or clarifications, please don't hesitate to reach out.

For senior photo shoots, I charge $300 for a two hour session, and for family photo shoots, $250 for a 1-2 hour session.  Family photo shoots are usually shorter (especially when younger kids are involved) but there's also more editing involved when taking a wide variety of family photos.

For weddings, I charge per hour to allow flexibility for when and how long the client needs me.  I start at $200 an hour for local weddings.  Same rules for the photos, you get full size digital copies of all I feel is worth sharing.  I don't make you wade through hundreds of photos to find the few you want to purchase for an extra fee.