3D Modeling & Design

Unit 1 - Intro to 3D Modeling

We'll start our 3D modeling journey with a fairly accessible website called Tinkercad.  This site works on anything with a browser and has a lot of beginning tutorials for learning to 3D model.  It's by Autodesk, who create bigger programs like Fusion 360 and Maya.

Unit 2 - Beyond Basics

As we get comfortable with the concepts, we'll practice measuring using calipers and recreating things in the real world digitally.  It's not only important that your models LOOK good, but they have to also be accurate.

We'll also dive into more advanced usage of Tinkercad, like articulating designs and advanced tools past the tutorials.

Unit 3 - Other 3D Tools

Once we feel like we've got a good grasp of Tinkercad, we'll look at some other tools that will help 3D model whatever you need.  Some tools are suited better for specific situations.  We'll dive into SculptGL, Blockbench, and Mecabricks to see some other website options.  If they're installed on the lab, we'll check out some programs like Blender, ZBrush, and 3D Builder to compare and contrast to the online tools.

We'll even take a quick dive into 3D scanning with a Kinect v2 and some software.