I've been a musician ever since picking up the clarinet in 5th grade band.  I added guitar and drums the next few years, playing in various school bands and churches.  In 2005 I attended a Musician's DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM (Youth With A Mission).  I learned to overcome my fear of public singing as I played around Venezuela and Jamaica for half a year.  

Since then, I've been leading worship at churches, while writing and recording a little.  In 2012 I recorded and released my first album, You Found Me, recorded at home as a personal project.  It was a huge learning experience.

When churches started going remote in 2020, I started diving in deep to mixing and recording, specifically with Ableton Live.  This reinvigorated my desire to record, and I've been slowly learning audio and video recording/editing for various needs.  You can find some random songs on my personal YouTube channel.

In late 2022, my wife and I started a combine YouTube channel, focused on worship and short sermons.  We're not quite sure where it's all heading, but we feel the need to ride this wave as far as it'll go.  

You can get more up to date information on my Facebook page.